How It Works

The goal of TravelEZ is to objectively rate places based on how physically accessible they are. Once you input your ratings, our algorithm uses a 5-star rating system that reflects overall accessibility.

It is important to note that the stars reflect overall accessibility – a 5-star location can be easily accessed by anyone, while a 1-star location is probably cumbersome to access even by the nimblest of us. With that said, be sure to pay attention to the comments and specific results of the TravelEZ checklist too rather than just the star rating!

If you have any questions, refer to the list below for explanations of each check box!


While not necessary to report, extra tid-bits of information are extremely helpful. Including information about the location of the drop-off area with respect to the restaurant’s entrance, the exact number of designated accessible parking spots, the helpfulness of the staff, or explanations of seating on more than one level (if applicable) is especially useful.


Smooth Ground Surface: The ground area immediately outside the location’s entrance must be smooth, rather than uneven brick, gravel, or any other non-smooth surface.
Step Free Access: There are absolutely no steps required to enter the venue. The entrance is either leveled, ramped, or has elevator/lift access to the main floor of the venue.
Designated Accessible Parking: There is at least one designated “Accessible Parking Spot” within 20 feet of the location’s entrance.
Drop-Off Area or Valet Parking: There is either a valet parking option for the location, or there is a drop-off area within 20 feet of the location’s entrance. A drop-off area is any space that allows one to drop off a car passenger safely and comfortably. This entails parking lots, “no parking zones” (fire hydrant, public bus parking, etc.), and any other area that permits easy and safe drop off within 20 feet of the location’s primary entrance.


Accessible Tables/Seats: At least 25% of the restaurant’s tables are standard table height with removable chairs. Standard table height is between 28-34 inches above the ground. Removable chairs are chairs that can be slid out for accessible seating or can be removed for wheelchair access.
Spacious Interior: The overwhelming majority of the restaurant is spacious enough to navigate comfortably in a wheelchair. This means that all facilities and nearly all, if not all, dining tables are easy to access. There should be roughly 3 ft. of space for all passages, doorways, hallways, and paths between tables within restaurant.
Step Free Layout: The restaurant requires absolutely no steps to navigate the entire interior.
Seating on More than One Floor: There is seating or facilities (e.g. accessible restroom, bar) on more than one floor of the restaurant.
Step Free Access to Other Floors: If there is seating on more than one floor, all other floors are accessible via elevator, ramp, or lift.
Accessible Bathroom: Bathroom has accessible entrance, is sufficiently spacious for comfortable maneuvering, has hand rails near the toilet, has lowered toilet/stalls/urinals/sinks, and has a spacious stall. All of these criteria must be satisfied.