Luggage Forward – Luggage Shipping Service

Traveling can be dreadful. We imagine the worst case scenarios – oversleeping, showing up at the terminal at 6:00pm rather than 6:00am, forgetting that essential suitcase in the friend’s car who dropped us off at the airport. The list goes on. Thanks to Luggage Forward, at least one of these nightmares can be taken care of!


Luggage Forward is a service that picks up your luggage at your front door and delivers it to your destination so you can travel peacefully and without breaking your lower back in the process. Peace of mind and convenience are the name of the game here. Luggage Forward completely eliminates the hassle of carrying your heavy suitcases to each step along the way (to the car, to the baggage drop-off, to the cab, to the hotel, etc.). It also saves you time (no need to wait in baggage lines and carousels at the airport).


Pricing varies depending on things like destination, bag sizes, and luggage pickup time. Luckily, the website has a price calculator so you can see different pricing scenarios before you get to the checkout screen!


We recommend using Luggage Forward for your next trip! Even if not using it for all of your luggage, having one or two bags shipped to your destination ahead of time can be the difference between starting your next trip with a smile on your face or a thunder cloud over your head.