GoGoGrandparent – On-Demand Transportation Made Simple for All

The Concept

“Ride sharing” has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the past couple years, and for good reason. Companies like Uber and Lyft have popularized the concept by introducing a more efficient alternative to taxis. Their service – an on-demand taxi that comes to you and takes you where you want to go, all at the push of a few buttons on your smartphone. But how do you use these tremendously convenient services if you are one of those who are completely lost on your iPhone (“What does that button do? I didn’t know my phone could do that!”)? Or what if you don’t even have a smartphone in the first place? Answer: GoGoGrandparent.


Despite its misleading name, GoGoGrandparent can be an especially useful service to a variety of people, although it does often appeal to elderly folks as per their stereotype of being technologically primitive. GoGoGrandparent is a service that you can call from any phone to order a taxi to your exact location (home, work, or anywhere else you happen to be!). Once the “ride sharing” vehicle picks you up and delivers you to your destination, you can easily call the same hotline and, at the push of a couple keys or with a quick conversation with an operator, have another vehicle pick you up where the last one dropped you off and redeliver you to your starting location or house.


How It Works

The service works very simply. You sign yourself, family member, or friend up either by calling the hotline or online. GoGo requires a few details to store in their secure system (name, phone number, credit card) up front, but then the rest is smooth sailing (or driving, or ride-sharing *pun*). Once GoGo has your profile in their system, you just have to call the hotline and press follow the simple operator instructions – press 1 to pick you up at your home, 2 to pick you up where GoGo last dropped you off, 3, 4, or 5 for a car to pick you up at a custom location, or 0 to speak with an operator. Advanced options are available too. Saving custom pick up locations in you speed-dial, arranging automatic rides for fixed medical appointments, and 24/7 operators are all benefits of GoGoGrandparent’s service.


How It Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

This service is a great resource if you lack the ability to order an Uber or Lyft from a smartphone (don’t own one, don’t know how to use one, or even if you simply lost your smartphone and need an emergency pick-up!). GoGo essentially offers transportation to nearly any location up to 100 miles away just by making a quick phone call.


GoGo is also an especially useful resource if you are making accommodations for a loved one who cannot make such arrangements on his/her own. For instance, I set up an account for my grandmother and walked her through how to use it on her own. Now she can easily order a taxi to take her to and from the movie theater or her favorite restaurant on the other side of town when the conditions are too difficult for her to drive herself comfortably (ice, heavy snow or rain, etc.). Another benefit that can be helpful if you are using the service for a loved one is their “Family Updates” feature. This feature allows you to receive update text messages notifying you of your loved one’s status (e.g. “Daniel just requested a ride to address”, or “Daniel made it! He’s at address”).



GoGoGrandparent is an extremely useful service for a variety of people as mentioned above. It is especially handy for people who cannot order their own Uber or Lyft vehicles from a smartphone on their own. It is also an outstanding resource for coordinating safe, reliable and hassle-free “ride sharing” taxis for your loved ones, especially elderly folks.


[Note: Stay tuned, as GoGoGrandparent is working to introduce a new service that would allow for grocery delivery to you or your loved one’s residence through a similar, simple over-the-phone method!]



Website: https://gogograndparent.com/

Phone: (855) 464-6872